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Defined as "Destiny . . . the predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible course of events"

Kizmit Gift Gallery offers a collection of original and ‘irresistible’ gift ideas that have been created for you by Canadian (featuring British Columbian) artists and artisans.
Our spacious gallery-style setting encourages customers to explore the world of ceramics, paintings/mixed media, wood, glasswork, jewelry, fibre arts, and many other forms of functional and decorative objets d'art.
Proud to represent the creations of local artisans, we offer affordable solutions to customers looking for gift ideas or who simply want to purchase unique items for themselves or their home.
There is nothing more rewarding than to witness the moment when an artisan’s work ‘speaks to the customer’. Sharing the artisans’ stories further connects the admirer to the creator. 
Our selection is ever-changing. Our artisan family is constantly growing. 



Carole De Bathe


Welcome to Kizmit.......‘irresistible’

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