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I’m honoured to announce that I now repr
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We are a destination for those seeking an eclectic mix of original Canadian hand-crafted works, featuring BC artisans and artists. 

Carole De Bathe

The front of the Kizmit Gift Gallery shop on Glover Road in Fort Langley



Disconnect from impersonal shopping experiences,

and connect to one of a kind creations in person. Fill your senses. Engage in conversation.  Learn about the makers. Discover something different...........


The artisans, inspired by the world around them...nature, colour, seasons, experiences...create pieces that are personally meaningful. Whether we connect to their intentions, or simply believe a piece to be beautiful for no other reason.....


The selection is ever-changing.

The inspiration is never-ending.  

Visit, linger, gather...and ponder the possibilities.   



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